New Zealand’s Next Top Model gets Incognito Braces

Bianca Cutts, finalist in New Zealand’s next top model gets Incognito braces at Bachmann Orthodontics.

It’s no secret after Bianca Cutts, a finalist in New Zealand’s Next Top Model, revealed to Woman’s Day she had come to Bachmann Orthodontics to have Incognito braces fitted. Bianca is thrilled with the results so far and especially that she can continue modelling with no one knowing that she has braces. On one of her visits we snapped a few photos of her.

Bianca playing X Box in the waiting room with her younger brother Alexander
new zealand's next top model gets incognito braces
Explaining how we are going to straighten Bianca’s teeth

bianca cutts gets incognito braces
Looking at Bianca’s teeth on the screen and explaining to her how we were going to straighten them.

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New Zealand’s Next Top Model Bianca Cutts tries Incognito Braces

Incognito Braces are invisible

You may have seen the Woman’s Day story in November on Bianca’s new found confidence through having her teeth straightened. We’re pleased to say that Bianca chose Bachmann Orthodontics to have her treatment and we used the innovative Incognito product for her treatment.

Why choose Incognito braces?

  • Completely invisible, no one will know that you are wearing braces
  • Minimal discomfort and speech interference
  • 100% customised for the best results
bianca cutts wears incognito braces
Bianca Cutts from New Zealand’s Next Top Model in Women’s Day

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SPEED Brackets – Orthodontics Without Elastics

Auckland Orthodontist Dr. Lutz Bachmann and wife Dr. Claudia Bachmann share with their patients the benefits of choosing self-ligating SPEED brackets to treat alignment issues.

ALBANY, AUCKLAND– A growing number of orthodontic patients are feeling the “need for speed,” as in SPEED self-ligating brackets.

SPEED is a teeth-straightening system that uses self-ligating brackets that don’t require elastic ties to straighten teeth.

“Besides being incredibly effective, this system offers enormous oral hygiene benefits,” says Dr. Lutz Bachmann.

Some of the benefits of choosing to undergo treatment with the SPEED system include:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Better aesthetics
  • Improved hygiene
  • Space-age technology
  • Fewer doctor visits

Teeth Move Faster and Less Painfully with SPEED Brackets

Self-ligating brackets are superior to traditional styles that use elastic ties since they require less pressure and friction to move teeth into alignment, says Dr. Claudia Bachmann, who uses this system for underbite correction and other malocclusions.

SPEED enables Dr. Claudia to often complete treatments not requiring extractions in a year. Treatment requiring extractions can take 18 months to two years.

“It’s important for parents to understand that tooth extraction isn’t always necessary, provided we see their child early enough and identify the need to create more space for adult tooth eruption,” Dr. Lutz says. “When that happens, we can use an appliance called a Rapid Maxillary Expander to create more space.”

The Rapid Maxillary Expander is installed between the teeth of the upper jaw to separate the palate’s connective suture. A key is turned twice daily for about two weeks, which achieves rapid expansion. Improvements are often permanent if a removable retainer is worn properly for approximately 12 months while new bone forms.

Show Your Smile, Not Your Braces

SPEED brackets are one-third the size of traditional braces and boast a cleaner design. The smaller size means more natural tooth shows, the Albany, Auckland orthodontist says.

Keeping Braces Clean is a Breeze

The rounded surfaces also mean less area for food to get trapped.

Space Age Technology Makes Rubber Bands Obsolete

“Many of our younger patients come in excited about getting braces with the cool colours,” says Dr. Claudia, a kids orthodontics specialist. “We say you won’t find them here, but what you will find are braces created using Space Age technology that look even better.”

The same technology that goes into making Apache helicopters and Boeing Dreamliners goes into the crafting of SPEED appliances, according to the SPEED website. There is nothing “Space Age” about a tiny rubber band, which happens to be quite unsanitary. Besides, those cool neon green bands you get will probably look brown as you near your next appointment, thanks to staining caused by the foods and beverages you consume.

Fewer Orthodontic Visits

Elastic O-rings begin to lose their elasticity from the time they are installed, which means subsequent office visits are needed to replace weakened bands with fresh ones. The technology behind SPEED brackets means they don’t lose their effectiveness during treatment. Painful maintenance appointments are eliminated, which means fewer orthodontic visits for busy families.

SPEED has been on the market for more than 30 years and boasts the most successful track record when it comes to treating misaligned teeth, the SPEED site states.  It is the only system that uses the “super elastic” clip to replace elastic O-rings of traditional orthodontic appliances. The clip acts like a microchip for your teeth, storing and releasing energy according to our specific programming.


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Bachmann Orthodontics Sponsors Local North Shore High Schools with Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards.

Custom-fitted mouth guards are essential for contact sport because they can prevent:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Lip and cheek injuries
  • Jaw fractures
  • Joint injuries
  • Concussions
  • Tooth root damage
  • Mouth lacerations, particularly for players who have braces

Last year ACC paid out nearly $10 million for more than 31,500 sports-related dental injuries. Most were in rugby, with cycling, soccer and hockey also ranking highly in New Zealand’s 58 sporting codes.

It’s a trend that worries Albany-based orthodontists Lutz and Claudia Bachmann, so they’ve decided to act locally. They have fitted Rangitoto College, Kristen School and Albany Senior High School’s top rugby and hockey players with top quality custom-made mouthguards that will protect the players’ teeth for years.

Rangitoto College First XV captain Evan McLauchlan says his “designer” mouthguard donated by the Bachmann’s is so comfortable he doesn’t even notice he’s wearing it.

They’re great, they fit perfectly and don’t fall out, so you don’t have to worry about that happening on the field,” he says.

The Bachmann’s advise custom-fitting upper and lower guards from an orthodontist will outperform boil-and-bites by 50 percent. The more snugly the guard fits against the teeth, the better.

“A mouth guard that fits properly can mean the difference between losing your teeth or not,” says Dr. Lutz Bachmann, an Auckland orthodontist. “That is such an easy measure to take to ensure your teeth and your orthodontic braces are properly protected.”

The beginning of the practice season is a great time to have existing mouth guards checked for proper fit and replacement if necessary.

“Many students who play high school sports are still growing,” says Orthodontist Dr Lutz Bachmann. “If you’ve started or ended orthodontic treatment, or your jaws have grown, last year’s mouth guard may no longer fit as it should. We can fix that by fitting you for a new guard.”

Do you still think a mouth guard isn’t all that necessary? Maybe these startling statistics will help convince you otherwise. In America, a study of high school athletes found that seventy-five percent of injuries occurred when mouth guards were not worn. Nine percent of all high school athletes suffered some type of oral injury, while another three percent reported a loss of consciousness. Fifty-six percent of all concussions were suffered when mouth.

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Adult Orthodontics – It’s Never Too Late

Orthodontics patients at Bachmann's.
Orthodontics patients at Bachmann’s.

An article written by Drs. Claudia and Lutz Bachmann describing their practice and one of the services they offer – adult orthodontics – has been featured in the latest issue of North Shore’s Channel Magazine.

The article titled ‘Orthodontics for Adults’ highlights that it is never too late in life to get the perfect smile.  No matter what your age, Bachmann Orthodontics can provide both a product and a treatment plan to suit your lifestyle.

Bachmann Orthodontists are treating many adults who have discovered they can still fix those crooked teeth — and with invisible braces it can be done so discreetly, no one will notice.

Not only do adult orthodontics straighten teeth, but orthodontics also restores oral health and confidence. The Bachmann’s frequently witness adult quality of life changing for the better, both socially and in the workplace.

Find out why it’s never too late to get a winning smile at Bachmann’s.

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