Custom Fitted Mouthguards to Protect Your Child’s Teeth


Protect Their Assets

When your child is wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard, you are protecting one of their most important assets – their teeth.

Why does Auckland orthodontist Dr. Lutz Bachmann recommend custom fitted mouthguards?

  Custom fitted mouthguards are stronger and more comfortable

  A better fit provides better protection

Dr Lutz Bachmann



“A mouthguard that fits properly can mean the difference between losing your teeth or not. It’s such an easy measure to take to ensure your teeth are properly protected”, says Auckland orthodontist Dr. Lutz Bachmann.



Take advantage of our ‘Back to School Special’. Available for a limited time so call today.


Bachmann Orthodontics create custom fitted mouthguards using impressions from your child’s teeth – this means they fit perfectly.

The mouthguards are made from Bioplast Xtreme, a market leader for vacuum form materials produced in Germany. They are stronger and much more effective than mouthguards purchased over the counter.

As parents of three young children Drs Claudia and Lutz Bachmann are aware of how vulnerable teeth are during sporting activities and are delighted to offer a limited Back To School offer for custom fitted mouthguards.

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