3 Reasons Orthodontics Just Got a TAD Bit Better

Orthodontic Treatment Using TADs

Doctors Lutz and Claudia Bachmann offer treatment using TADs- Temporary Anchorage Devices- and discuss the benefits of adding them to their orthodontic treatment plan.

 ALBANY, AUKLAND— Today, orthodontic treatment is harnessing the power of the screw and using it to anchor teeth and appliances to bone. If this sounds like dated, painful technology, you’re mistaken.

“When we have to rely on teeth as anchor points there are limits to the type of movement we can achieve,”says Dr. Lutz Bachmann.

The reason orthodontists are able to move teeth is because they respond to pressure. An example of when this can be a problem is when the front teeth of a patient need to be shifted back. This traditionally would require an orthodontist to use the back teeth as anchors for pulling the front teeth back. The problem is the same force that is pulling the front teeth back is simultaneously pulling the back teeth forward in what could be called a “tooth” tug-of-war. TADs- Temporary Anchorage Devices – give orthodontists the option to plant a screw in an unmoving source such as- in the case of TADs- bone, which allows them to use force more effectively.

“TADs make treatment more convenient for our patients and allows us to move teeth faster and in a more precise, chosen direction that often eliminates the need for expensive implants or extractions,” says Dr. Lutz.

The question remains:

What are TADs?

TADs are miniature screws made of sterile, titanium alloy. Sometimes called “micro implants,” TADs look and function similarly to a typical self-tapping screw. Doctors are able to place the screws in the bone between teeth or in the roof of the mouth to achieve an angle of force that teeth cannot provide.

Inserting TADs is painless and fast. Even though the thought of screwing something into bone seems painful, all that is needed is a little anesthetic.

“I tell my patients who are afraid of TADs being painful that bone is like wood- it has no nerves,” says Dr. Claudia. “Slight pressure may be felt, but no pain. We only need to numb the gums.”

Once TADs are in place they can be used to anchor a spring or connect to a tooth..

TADs may not hurt, but what are the benefits?

 TADs reduce the need for expensive, invasive surgery

Treatment using TADs can eliminate the need for extractions and orthognathic surgery by providing orthodontists with a safe, effective method for moving teeth. An impacted tooth can be manipulated into a position that allows it to emerge properly, and gaps from tooth extractions or congenitally missing teeth that ordinarily require an expensive dental implant can be closed using TADs.

“Since pressure moves teeth, they don’t always make good anchors,” says Dr. Lutz. “TADs are especially useful when we need to move teeth greater distances.”

TADs make orthodontic treatment more convenient

“I haven’t met many patients who were excited about having to wear their headgear for most of the day or in public for that matter,” says Dr. Claudia. “The fact is, teeth aren’t suitable anchor points for treating all forms of malocclusions. Therefore, unless we use TADs, an intra-oral appliance or headgear may be required.”

Teeth move faster with TADs

Orthodontists can move a single tooth by fitting it with a bracket and attaching that bracket to a TAD with a spring or elastic chain. The orthodontist can also choose the exact angle of force that will move the tooth where he wants it and simply place the TAD accordingly. TADs can even be used before a patient is fitted with braces to move problematic teeth and shorten the amount of time a patient has to wear braces.

“Some patients are initially diagnosed as poor candidates for convenient and popular Invisalign Teen treatment because their teeth or bite is too crooked,” says Dr. Claudia. “Instead of having to wear different types of braces, we are sometimes able to provide initial treatment using TADs which can make later treatment with Invisalign a possibility for them.”

Patients looking for an adult orthodontist or treatment using advanced technology such as TADs can contact Bachmann Orthodontics for a consultation where treatment and financing options can be discussed with a specialist orthodontist.

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