Top Tips to Care for Your Braces from your Auckland Orthodontist


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Teeth with braces can trap food easily and this makes them harder to clean. Auckland orthodontist Dr. Claudia Bachmann emphasizes the importance of cleaning your mouth properly every time you eat. Leaving food lodged on the brackets and wires of your braces can cause unsightly etching of the enamel on your teeth.


It is important to brush your teeth 3 to 4 times a day.

1. Brush back and forth, across and between the wires and gums to loosen any food particles stuck between your teeth and the braces.

2. Now, brush normally as if you had no braces.

3. Make sure that you haven’t missed any spots that are hard to get to. Your teeth, brackets and wires should be free of any food particles and plaque.


Use a floss threader to floss with your braces on. It’s important to floss at least once a day.


Clean your retainer by brushing with toothpaste. For people with a lower fixed retainer it is important to take extra care in brushing the wire and the inside of the lower teeth. Do not flip the retainer with your tongue as this can cause damage to your teeth.


If elastics are worn intermittently, they will continually shock the teeth and cause you pain. Sore teeth between orthodontic appointments usually indicates improper wear of elastic or inadequate hygiene. Wear your elastics correctly and change them as directed by your orthodontist. Always remove the elastics when brushing.

For people who are new to braces it can be difficult to know how to care for your braces. It’s extremely important that you learn how to care for your braces over the course of your orthodontic treatment so that you can enjoy straight, clean and healthy teeth when your treatment has finished.

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