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At Bachmann Orthodontics, we help children, teenagers and adults achieve dream smiles.
Our North Shore Orthodontic practice offers expertise and precision in a friendly, relaxing environment. Our priority is to provide excellent, affordable and convenient orthodontic treatment.

Choosing an orthodontist and an orthodontic practice?

What sets our North Shore orthodontists apart from the rest?
At Bachmann Orthodontics we offer:

Advanced diagnostics
World-class treatment and oral health education
A wide range of orthodontic options
The highest standard of sterilisation
Direct digital oral x-ray imaging
A professional team of orthodontists and orthodontic auxiliaries all dedicated to creating a positive experience
A fun, welcoming practice conveniently located in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore
Flexible payment plans and finance options for your orthodontic treatments
If your braces were fitted offshore and you now require ongoing treatment in New Zealand, come and see us for an initial orthodontic consultation. Your smile is important to us, and we work with any braces to ensure you get the desired outcome.

A World-Class Experience

At Bachmann Orthodontics, you are always in capable hands. Trust us to take care of you and your smile.

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Our Story

German-trained orthodontists Claudia and Lutz Bachmann offer their expertise and precision in a friendly, state-of-the-art environment.
Dr Claudia and Dr Lutz Bachmann have 25 years of orthodontic experience.

While still in Germany they were among a group of elite orthodontists qualified to provide postgraduate practical training to dental graduates. The orthodontic outcomes in our Auckland clinic have been measured, benchmarked and our treatment results score among the best worldwide.

There is a huge variety of orthodontic treatments available nowadays but the most important part is the orthodontic specialist who drives the treatment process. Our priority is to provide excellent treatment that is affordable. Drs Claudia and Lutz Bachmann are dedicated to giving you the best options to suit your needs. Simply contact us for an orthodontic consultation, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What can we do to make you smile?

Bachmann Orthodontics

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Our Treatments

Bachmann Orthodontics specializes in braces for children, teenagers and adults. At Bachmann Orthodontics, we recommend all children get their teeth assessed before they are seven years old. Monitoring growth and development are crucial to managing and correcting orthodontic issues.

After your initial assessment at Bachmann Orthodontics, we monitor your child for free until it is time to start the orthodontic treatment. Due to our specialist orthodontic training, we have a range of children’s braces to suit any child’s needs.

Bachmann Orthodontics also specialise in adult braces. Technological advances such as clear braces, invisible brackets and lingual braces (behind the teeth) are popular with adults.

At Bachmann Orthodontics, we offer treatments to suit your lifestyle. It is never too late to get braces as an adult – especially when they can be hidden.

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Cost of Braces

The cost of braces and orthodontics varies depending on individual requirements.  All clients will need to be assessed by the Bachmann Orthodontics team before we can decide on the types of treatment available to the patient.

Bachmann Orthodontics like to be as transparent as we can about the costs of orthodontic treatment.  The costs do vary depending on the individual case and the course of treatment.

When a client decides to go ahead with treatment at Bachmann Orthodontics we need to take an initial set of records.  This includes two digital x-rays, photos, models, a detailed treatment plan and a follow-up session to discuss treatment options and preferences.
Cost $450

The Bachmann Orthodontic package prices cover the full cost of treatment including all appliances, repairs and will cover all the possible complications.

The costs include the orthodontic treatment and also one year of retention checks afterwards.

At Bachmann Orthodontic, we Offer Payment & Finance Options

  • Lump-sum upfront with a discount offered on the full package
  • Monthly instalments with NO interest charged

Ages 6 –10

  • Early orthodontic treatment for younger children
  • Space maintainer from $250
  • Plate, RME (upper expander), Partial braces or similar from $2000 – $4200

Ages 11+ and adulds

  • Braces (High-performance Speed brackets) from $4700 – $10,000, minor
  • Invisalign / Aligner from $3000  maximum $8000 ( difficult cases)
  • Incognito (individually German custom made brackets behind your teeth) from $15,000

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7.45 am – 5.45 pm Monday to Thursday

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    What can we do to make you smile?

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