All about Braces

Bachmann Orthodontics specializes in braces for children, teenagers and adults. We recommend all children get their teeth assessed before they are seven years old. Monitoring growth and development are crucial to managing and correcting orthodontic issues.

After your initial assessment at Bachmann Orthodontics, we monitor your child for free until it is time to start the orthodontic treatment. Due to our specialist orthodontic training, we have a range of children’s braces to suit any child’s needs.

At our clinic, we follow a holistic approach and assess the patient’s whole body and wellbeing. We find treatment options for every situation and incorporate bone, muscles and tissue, nasal passage with airways and of course teeth. We include growth and change of our patients in our treatment options and refrain from extracting teeth were ever possible.

Bachmann Orthodontics also specialise in adult braces. Technological advances such as clear braces, invisible brackets and lingual braces (behind the teeth) are popular with adults. We offer treatments to suit your lifestyle. It is never too late to get braces as an adult – especially when they can be hidden.

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