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Our new state-of-the-art 3D-printers are in place.

We invest a lot in future technologies to be always ahead and on the pulse with the 4th industrial revolution.

Together with our intraoral scanner, we are able to make impressions more accurate, faster and convenient than ever before. All data is safely stored. Retainers and impressions can be replicated on our new 3D-Printers without making a new model.

No more gagging! It’s without saying, an ongoing process for us to provide always the best treatment for your best smile. That is why we can give you our Bachmannsmile guarantee.

Lutz also had a play and created some little sculptures with the printer.

That’s awesome, isn’t it?

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Problems to watch for in children age 6 to 8

The Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be evaluated by the time they are age 7.

However, some circumstances may require earlier intervention, such as:

– Excessive overcrowding of teeth

– Open bites: when the upper and lower front teeth fail
to meet

– Overbites: when the upper teeth protrude past the
lower teeth

– Underbites: when the lower teeth protrude past the
upper teeth

– Crossbites: when teeth in the lower jaw overlap teeth
in the upper jaw

Recommended and possible treatments:
Phase I Treatment
(intervention treatment) 6 to 10 years old.
Starts before all the permanent teeth come through.
This treatment is usually recommended to make more space for developing teeth and correct oral problems, such as overbites and crossbites.
Phase I treatment often involves limited dental hardware, such as expanders and partial braces.
Phase II Treatment
(comprehensive treatment) Age 11 to 13.
When all their permanent teeth have come through.
This treatment usually involves full braces.
Whether your child will need phase I or II treatment will depend on the position of their teeth and jaw development.
The benefits of early examinations:
Having your children examined earlier (before age 7) has numerous benefits, including:
– Oral problems can be identified earlier
– tooth extraction can be avoided since more space can
be created
-Long-term treatment can be appropriately determined
and treatment time can be shortened
Make an appointment today and find out what will be the best treatment plan for your child to become perfect Bachmannsmile.


Melanie Cowan Rademeyer We followed this process with my daughter and the results have been phenomenal! Her teeth are beautiful. She is in the last phase of her braces. I highly recommend the above from an early age as stated and then also highly recommend Bachmann Orthodontist….I would not go anywhere else!

Why is there a © after Bachmannsmile©.

We from Bachmann Orthodontics are responsible for your unique smile.
Our motivation is always to achieve the best result for your individual case.
We are working hard and precise and with state-of-the-art technologies for perfection and your satisfaction. That is why we can give a guarantee for the result — the Bachmannsmile©. Is a quality mark, and you can only get the original at Bachmann Orthodontics.
By the way, it means ©laudia as well. Sorry, Lutz.
Not to forget ©andice. Feel free to call Candice: 09448 1128, and make an appointment to get your perfect Bachmannsmile©.
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new smiles welcome


“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. The main reason for that is because studies have shown that when a person is smiling, it affects specific muscles that can make that person feel happy. When you use these specific muscles, your brain will release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that will induce feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Smiling does have the ability to make you happier!

There is always the right time for a Bachmannsmile.

 New patients are welcome.

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20 January 2020

Oh, what a magic date to start 🙂
We’re all back at work now.
We all have enjoyed the long season break. The whole team starts refreshed into 2020 with one mission to create your beautiful smile.
If you are back from your summer holidays, do not hesitate and call Candice 09448 1128 for your next appointment.
What can we do to make you smile?

Speed up your new smile

Do you get the speed you want to achieve for your new smile?
If you want to straighten your teeth but don’t want to wear braces for the typical up to three years, short-term orthodontics can give you the smile you wish to achieve, quicker – if it’s compatible with your need. One option of “short-term” braces are Speed Braces®.
Self-Ligating Braces
The “Speed” approach is a trademarked term. It uses self-ligating braces, which are different from traditional braces. Usually, Orthodontist uses three main components to move your teeth into their ideal position: The bracket, which is placed on each tooth; the archwire, which runs through each bracket and places pressure on the teeth; and a tie, usually made from elastic that connects the archwire to the bracket.
Self-ligating braces don’t use ties. Instead, a permanently installed, the clip holds the archwire in place. Not using ties reduces the resistance of friction between the bracket and the wire, letting your teeth move more freely and using less applied force.
Speed Braces are available in metal (stainless steel), other clip brackets in cosmetic porcelain.
But to be honest, it always depends on the individual case and treatment how fast you get your perfect Bachmannsmile©.
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What can we do to make you smile?