Orthodontic Auxillary Training Program

Last week we hosted the final assessment of the “OATP” Orthodontic Auxillary Training Program from Otago University.
All students have passed the two-day final examination and are now certified OAs. Congratulations and a big smile. Special thanks to the volunteering Specialist Orthodontists and our staff. Tony, it was fantastic to have you in our practice and thank you so much for your lovely email.
We are happy that we could make you smile.

“Hi, Claudia,
Thank you so much for having the OATP final assessment at your practice.”
“I know how disruptive it is, especially as you are so busy, short-staffed, and we are all dealing with the Covid craziness!”
“I have been involved with many OATP final assessments, and this was the most well organised, most well run, and smoothest I have been to. It is a credit to yourself and your staff. Special mention to Jaz, who was just amazing!”
“Thank you again; I hope we can actually get to catch up at a conference etc., again soon”.
Cheers – Tony
Specialist Orthodontist
Chair: OATP Committee – NZAO

What can we do to make you smile?


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