Impacted Canines

Sometimes a golden chain is needed to help the upper eye teeth or the wisdom teeth to get in place.

In some cases, teeth do not erupt properly through the jawbone and gum tissue into the mouth. Maxillary canines (upper eye teeth) are the most commonly impacted after wisdom teeth. 

Impacted Canines

When a canine tooth is impacted or trapped beneath the gums, an expose & bond procedure is done to help the tooth emerge.

Impacted teeth may cause problems, including bone loss, root resorption, or formation of cysts or tumours. Bachmann Orthodontics and an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon work together with a combination of braces and minor surgical procedures, including tooth exposure & bonding of an orthodontic bracket to align the tooth with the other teeth properly.

What causes canine impaction?

Most teeth will come into their proper position, but an impacted tooth is not uncommon. Many times, a canine tooth becomes affected due to dental crowding or retained baby teeth.

However, it is important that your child sees their general dentist or orthodontist specialist regularly so that the growth and development of their teeth can be monitored. Your child’s dentist will be able to identify any issues and can refer you to the dental professionals who specialize in impacted teeth—your oral surgeon and orthodontist.

The most common treatment for impacted canines is a procedure called “expose & bond.”

How does the exposure and bonding treatment work?

Expose & bond treatment works by helping the impacted tooth move into the right position. However, first, Bachmann Orthodontics will create a space for the impacted tooth to come in by applying braces. The gentle but steady pressure on the teeth caused by the braces will shift the teeth into their new positions. After a space has been created for the tooth, an oral surgeon will expose the tooth with a minor surgical procedure. Once the tooth has been exposed, a bracket will be bonded to the tooth with a small golden chain attachment. Bachmann Orthodontics will use this golden chain to guide the tooth into place.
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