Message in a bottle.

A message in a bottle thrown into a river in Germany has travelled more than 18,000km around the world and ended up in Auckland seven years later.    What a trip.
“It has travelled a long way!” said the letter, signed by Scott, Lea and Alice Joy from Auckland.
Sadly for Julia Gogos, a resident of the German city of Bonn, the letter did not supply any contacts. The letter, dated February 7, was signed off by Scott, Julia, Lea and Alice Joy.
Now they try to find the Joy family from Auckland via Facebook.
If you know the Joy family do not hesitate to contact us.
By the way, seven years is also the age we recommend that kids have their first orthodontic screening.
By this time the first permanent teeth will have come through.
So we will have a pretty good idea if an orthodontic treatment needs to be started. However, we offer a free, regular oral development monitoring program for your child.
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