orthodontic treatment with baby teeth

You can start orthodontic treatment while you still have some baby teeth.

Orthodontics can help correct your child’s bite before their adult teeth come in. The recommended age to visit an orthodontist is the age of seven. It is the ideal age for several reasons. 

First, it is beneficial to the orthodontist to see how the smile is shaping up with the mix of baby and permanent teeth. 

Second, Bachmann Orthodontics can monitor the eruption pattern of permanent teeth, jaw growth and development, and spot any issues that might become more serious as the permanent teeth begin to erupt.

In some cases, if we wait until all the baby teeth have fallen out, that may be too late to create an ideal smile most effectively. But on the other hand, treating patients while still having some baby teeth can create a perfect environment into which the permanent teeth can erupt. And often, this means later treatment is more effective and efficient.

The younger your child is, the more straightforward orthodontic treatment can be. The most important reason is that both the upper and lower jaws are still growing. This is giving us the chance to guide their development to ensure we can reduce crowding and help the permanent teeth erupt correctly.

Free monitoring program

We have implemented a free, regular oral development monitoring program for your child to ensure we begin their treatment at the best time possible. In addition, we have many years of experience & training in assessing a child’s pace of oral development. Therefore, it is usually immediately evident to us what level of treatment will be required.

When we assess a child or young adult, we always consider what their teeth are likely to do between the time we first see them and when their treatment is expected to begin. As a result, we can more accurately estimate the best age for braces in their specific case. In addition, we constantly tailor our orthodontic treatment programs to each and their needs.

What can we do to make you smile?

Make an appointment today and find out what will be the best treatment plan for your child to become a perfect Bachmannsmile.







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