Re – opening

Spread your smile, not a virus.
The Prime Minister announced Level 2 yesterday.
We are ready to re-open on Thursday, 14th May 2020.

We will contact you all individually, to organise appointments. Do not call us, we will call or send an email to you. We can not see all the patients at the same time, so please be patient. We have an excellent system in place to know exactly when your last appointment was and what the next steps in your treatment plan will be. We will spread out our time-table and opening days from Monday to Friday 7.45am – 5.45pm to make sure that Bachmann Orthodontics will be a safe environment for our patients and staff at all times. Additional security measures will be in place to minimise the risk by preventing the spread of disease. Physical distancing is an ideal precaution to prevent the spread of disease, and we will follow government advice for dental health. Everything is ready to move to Level 2. We ask that the patient wait at the door at the time of their appointment, where they will be asked a few assessment questions before entering.
It’s an advantage that we designed a huge state-of-the-art practice around the needs of our patients in Albany, North Shore. We are equipped with the newest Orthodontist technologies to create a beautiful Bachmannsmile.
Social distancing is maintained at all times. Just follow the safety lines on the floor. You won’t be coming in contact with anyone else, and everything runs in a roundabout like a clock. Of course, with the highest hygienic standards that you are used to from us. Please note that we are accepting New Patients.
Spread the word, not the virus.
Thank you for your understanding.

See you soon. Claudia, Lutz and Team
What can we do to make you smile?